Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Gastrointestinal Blues

Stacy woke up in the middle of the night with some serious gastrointestinal complaints. After hearing her repeated trips to the bathroom, I decided that there was no way she was able to take care of our three kids, the two she watches every day, and herself. So I'm home today taking care of the girls. I feel a little bad that we canceled day care on such short notice, but there was no predicting this one. I'm more sad that I'm going to miss the farewell lunch for my coworker today. I wish her well in her new job at ThinkGeek

My previous class ended Monday and the next one won't start until next Tuesday, so I'm left with a bit more free time than I'm accustomed to. Maybe I'll have a chance to update this blog a little more regularly this week.

Yeah, you're right, probably not. I'm too much of a slacker and I won't amount to nuthin'.