Monday, January 05, 2009

Back with Spirit and Thing You Shouldn't Do #8

Hello, hello, hello! Have a good holiday? Ready for the new year? Yes? No? Don't care? Lovely!

I was going to use this space to write my thoughts and feelings on The Spirit, but Jon beat me to the punch by like - almost two weeks. He also hit all the points I wanted to make, so there's little point in doing it again. What he said about the movie goes for me, too. Also, he did this, which blows any commentary I have about the movie, at least about Scarlett Johansson in the movie, out of the water. So, well done there, Jon.

On to -
Thing You Shouldn't Do #8:
Take a sleeping aid on the same night as your spouse.

Why? Because ten minutes after you do, your kid is going to get out of bed and vomit all over the place. Oh, and another one of your kids will have nightmares and crawl into bed, proceeding to kick and flail around all night.


Last night, in an effort to fix our whacked schedules so we could function in a work week, I took a Unisom and Stacy took half of one (previously prescribed to her while pregnant with Vicki as part of an anti-nausea regimen.) Naturally, a few minutes later, Zoe stumbled into the room complaining of pains in her abdomen. Stacy, the wise woman that she is, did the nausea check and rushed her to the bathroom before chunks blew. She was up for another hour with stomach pains, but they seemed to ease off and she fell to sleep. An indeterminate amount of time passed before I was rudely jerked awake by a pair of little bony knees curled up into my back. Scarlett had nightmares and crawled into bed. She was snuggled up with Stacy, which meant I was the target of any flailing limbs. Being too tired to fumble with my sleep machine and lug her back to her bed, also knowing that it was only a temporary measure, I dropped back into slumber. It was pretty fitful, as I would be awakened by sporadic thrashing from Scarlett throughout the night.

All in all, not a good way to start a work week after nearly two weeks of vacation.

Zoe seems a bit better, but we're going to have her checked out if the pain comes back. I'm always paranoid of untreated appendicitis or worse when it comes to those nebulous pains in the abdomen of my kids.

Anyone else have a return from vacation story they'd like to share?