Monday, August 21, 2006

When Love Bheits, I Laugh

Another fantastic episode of The Venture Brothers aired tonight. In this decidedly twisted tale, one of our titular brothers is mistaken for a lovely lass resplendent in a gold bikini circa Princess Leia of Return of the Jedi by Baron Underbheit, the jawbone-challenged despotic ruler of Underland, apparently formerly the state of Delaware. Not sure what McCulloch has against Delaware. Underbheit begins plans for a wedding and hilarity ensues. The triumphant return of Cataclopse, with one of his cat head’s eyes missing, Girl Hitler, and Manic 8-Ball also feature in this episode. If you haven’t seen The Venture Brothers yet then this is probably not a good jumping-off point. I recommend checking out the first season, now out on DVD. It's under 20 bucks for the entire first season, buy it! Heck, I'll even float you the $20 if you don't end up liking it! However, if you have seen it (Jon, I’m looking at you) you’d agree that Brock outdid himself in this episode. As I watch the show every week, I have to wonder how they are going to top the previous episode’s mayhem and carnage that is Brock in action. An early episode had him kill a man by clamping on another man’s hand during a body cavity search and slamming said body cavity searcher into the first man. In a recent episode, he forced a man’s thumb into the guy’s own—well—cavity. In last week’s episode, Brock conducted his sanguine gorefest completely sans clothes (“It’s intimidating.” Yup, it is.) How did they top it this week? Brock bats a spear out of a charging Underland guard’s hands, it spins up in the air and buries itself deep into the skull of the guard. Seeing another guard charging with a dagger, Brock grabs the spear, still embedded in the first guard’s gourd, and plunges it into the new assailant’s friggin’ face! What does Brock have now? A double-ended guard staff! I am not kidding, he uses the guard-capped spear to mow through the rest of the enemies. This is all after he uses Dr. Venture himself as a human battering ram to take down the first few guards (“Useless in a fight, eh?”) Bravo McCulloch, bravo. I eagerly await the next installment of The Venture Brothers and Brock’s over-the-top act of ultra-violence.