Friday, October 19, 2007

The Office: Money; Unimaginative Title Reflecting Creative Slump?

There were a few laughs in last night's episode of The Office, but not as many as I'd expect in a full hour of the show. Instead, it came off as slightly depressing. Women troubles abound from the Dwight, Angela, Andy triangle to the Ryan, Kelly, Darryl triangle. Add on top of that Michael's declaration of bankruptcy,

Michael: I declare bankruuuuptcy!
Oscar: You can't just say the word. That means nothing.
Michael: I didn't just say it, I declared it.

While it was good for some laughs, Michael's money problems turned out to be more sad than funny. Likewise, the Dwight, Angela, Andy triangle had some funny bits, especially on Schrute Farms. Is it just me or is Mose even creepier than we last saw him when Dwight initiated Ryan into the mysteries of salesmanship?

I echo the sentiment of my favorite staffer, Michelle. There is something slightly off about the whole show. I miss Jim and Pam's constant pranks, Michael Scott's oblivious assurance that everything is business as usual, Dwight's overwhelming self-confidence (which we may see return after his little desk clearing scene last night!) Ryan's resigned acceptance of his lot in life, even Andy's barely bottled rage.

I don't know, am I just being nostalgic for the last season or is there really a drop in the quality of the show?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I Survived

It looks like I'll be making it to that 10 year milestone at work. We just had a huge layoff yesterday and I managed to dodge the ax one more time. Even though I still have a job, I have to wonder how long it will be around. The direction of the company is still shifting away from the model that requires the tools I create. I just hope I can hang on long enough to finish school and find a more stable job that still allows me to provide for my family.

My sympathies and congratulations go out to friends that didn't make it. Sympathy for those that do not need the kind of uncertainty that unemployment brings in their lives right now. Congratulations for those that are enjoying the severance package, taking a little break, and (hopefully) finding a better job out there somewhere.