Friday, March 23, 2007

New Word Time!

Stacy and I were watching E! News the other night before bed. Just as we were about to turn the TV off, one of the hosts verbally and visually assaulted us.

“And FINALLY, Fergie poses for Maxim! Blah blah blah blah.”

Naturally, the visual assault involved images from The Fugness’s picture shoot. I decided then that the word Fug was not enough. There had to be a word that went beyond Fug; something that imparted the strong feelings of revulsion that accompanies viewing celebrities such as Fergie. Then, it came to me!

fergly adj.
1. A person so repulsive that he or she cannot be described by the terms ugly or fugly. (Origination: inspired by media saturation of the pop star Fergie in the mid 2000’s.)

Here’s the word in context.
“Man, Nicole Richie is so fergly, I wouldn’t touch her with Christina Aguilara’s hands!”

Here’s an image in case you don’t know who inspired this new word.