Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Countdown to the Mouse

Very little of note has happened over the past few days. Let's see, I helped Jon move into his new digs. It's a very nice end unit townhouse with plenty of space. He was mostly moved before I got there, so I just helped with a few odds and ends and his computers. I was rewarded with a meal at Ruby Tuesdays. Damn those Big Mouth Burgers! They challenge me to consume them completely, but why do I feel so hollow inside afterwards? Wait, did I say hollow? I meant full. As in bursting. When am I going to learn my lesson?

The rest of my time has been consumed by a particularly nasty issue at work. Luckily, that's cleared up just in time for me to try to squeeze out my main project under the deadline. I've got to do it under the deadline since the famdamily and I will be in sunny Florida visiting the world that Walt built all next week.

I don't know if this is going to be a yearly thing, but next week will mark our second trip to Disney World in as many years. This year we're going with our good friends Jamie and Casey and their two kids. It should be fun. This time Stacy and I know our way around, what we want to do again, and what we missed last time. Plus, there's much less pressure to get to everything since we've been there already. We're going to have a good time.

So if you don't see any posts for the next week or so, now you know why.

Somewhat Related Department:
The Office returns this week. I'm excited. Check out the clips the BWE blogger extraordinare, Michelle Collins posted:
Checking The Office Season 4 Countdown Clock!
So you may see a post from me after the episode drops.