Friday, July 14, 2006

Jon's a Right Bastard and Overheard Nerds Suck

Here I am, sitting at work alone. This is my first weekend back, and Jon has the first two days of it in Red Hat training. I don’t mind. I could ask for help, but the work is just busy enough to keep me going. What I do mind is Jon’s revenge. As he’s pointed out in numerous posts on his blog, we work in an operations center filled to brimming with nerds. Nerds like to talk. In general, the way nerds talk is very annoying, especially to people that have no interest in what the nerds are talking about. I feel for Brian, having to sit through conversation after conversation between Jon and myself on the topic of comic books. It’s no wonder he jumped at the chance to move desks (okay, he didn’t exactly jump, it was more like he got dragged kicking and screaming.) I recently pointed out the voice of one of the annoying nerds that never really got to Jon in the past while he mentioned a few that have. It is way too easy to hear them all when sitting alone at the desk. I feel surrounded by the inane chatter of nerds that know absolutely everything about anything. All of the annoying ones are here today, too. Not only the one I pointed out to Jon, but each other one he’s pointed out himself. Thanks, Jon. Your revenge on me is tenfold.

Not only that, but, and I hope I’m not stealing any thunder here, Jon proved his nerdish superiority over me in Red Hat today. He passed the mandatory portion of the Red Hat Certified Technician test today and may have even passed the second portion. This would make him one of the few people from the NOC that passed the test the first time round. I hope he made it, the bastard. Them’s some good NOC nerd bragging rights there.